Integrate your proposals to your training plans to :

  • Optimize business performance
  • Preserve jobs and plan to hire, develop the loyalty of your employees
  • Promote the development of their skills
  • Be involved in social and economic, national and international activities
  • Bring innovation to the foreground

Methodology : We use the systemic method to expand your vision of the interactive elements in your organizational system and to enable decisions to be made concerning where to intervene to generate change.

Traditional Themes:  

  •  Individual Management: motivate, evaluate, delegate, generate and create an organizational environment conducive to personal and collective development.
  • Interpersonal Management: improve communication skills, public speaking, negotiating skills, conflict management, how to conduct an effective meeting, develop your senior management team’s leadership skills, generate confidence and promote resilience.
  • Team Management: develop processes for efficiency and team collaboration, team building, team working.
  • Organizational Management: identify and understand resistance, generate engagement, manage conflicts, boost performance, develop business results.     

*Bring out innovation.

*Introduce a coherent remuneration policy  (organizational and procedural justice)

*Introduce a quality approach, get certified

  • Risk Management and Safety: Increase perception of professional and psycho-social risks and encourage people to take responsibility.
    • Our team is empowered by CARSAT and INRS in risk prevention.
    • Create a climate of well-being.
  • Hospitality : training of reception staff and front line services (tourism, hotels, restaurants ): presentation skills, active listening, conflict management, intercultural proficiency in teams and in customer relations .


Diversity themes:

  • Intercultural training: communication between people and culturally diverse groupsinternational negotiations and anticipate needs and expectations; prepare for expatriation.
  • Diversity Management: awareness of the issues of inclusion, train to value differences, provide tools to manage diversity and train to use them.
  • Female leadership and equality: what differences, what are the issues, what changes?
  • Prepare seniors for retirement: what changes, what steps? Maintain skills and motivation and promote knowledge transfer.

Innovation : language as a lever for employability. Candidates and recruiters find a common language to communicate effectively during job interviews. Awareness of the biases that might distort judgment, partnership development.