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 Frédérique Sylvestre, clinical psychologist

*Graduated from the Faculty of Censier (Paris VII) and specialized in counseling psychology at the Sorbonne (Paris V).

*Formed in psychodynamics of work at the CNAM in Paris, Self Empowerment oriented counseling and systemic therapy at school in Milan, psycho- socio-drama at the Moreno Institute Buenos Aires and leadership model Tavistock Institute.

*Has lived in Argentina and Poland, where she gained specific expertise on the relationship and integration between individuals and groups from different cultures.

Coralie Brosse, Speech therapist:

Coralie Brosse

*Sensory Learning Institute for Hearing Impaired Children

*Equipe d’Implantologie Pédiatrique Nice CHU-Lenval

*Lecturer at the University of Nice Sophia

*Creating a common background combining the tools of social psychology and work, and speech therapy:  The language as Professional Lever Integration (“Le Langage comme Levier d’Insertion Professionnelle”) in 2016 Régine Rivère-Salvignol

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* Stylistdesigner

* Coach Protocol and  French Etiquette

* Author of the book “12 Gourmet Adventure