Corporate management

Management and business response

  • Anticipating change through the planning and management of employment and skills or Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP), which allows the anticipation, prevention , detection and resolution of all decisions related to the human resources involved in the SWP of the organisation. Promotion of a constructive social dialogue. Compliance with relevant legislation (No. 2005-32) on ‘lifetime training.’
  • Introduce and manage change and drive innovation: commitment, participation, communication, motivation, organizational and procedural training.
  • Manage internal and external mobility (prepare for the expatriation of staff, monitoring, support and return).
  • Quality – Iso : establishing a quality policy, monitoring, consolidation, and certification.
  • Wellness and quality of life at work: acting on the organizational climate and individuals (Training ).

Flexible solutions for your Recruitment

  • Apex Performance HR specializes in the recruitment and retention of quality personnel for the benefit of a broad range of professional French and international clients. We oversee short, medium and long term HR planning.  Our recruitment methods are respectful of the individual and of the forward strategy of the client keeping in mind that your employees represent your values (Recruitement).